College Remiero Federale (rowing)

The College Remiero di Pavia was inaugurated in the 1982/1983 academic year. Thanks to the convention between Federazione Italiana Canottaggio, the Università di Pavia, EDiSU and CUS Pavia, athletes who practice rowing at a high level are allowed to start or continue their university studies without giving up the high-level training and competions.

The students are housed at the EDiSU Gerolamo Cardano College in Viale Resistenza 15, and train at the CUS Pavia nautical headquarters, Il Capannone dei Campioni, located along the Ticino river, in via Don Boschetti 1.

The convention, recently renewed, provides that a maximum of 10 athletes can use the Federal Rowing College. In addition to hospitality in the college and the possibility of using the affiliated university canteens upon payment of an annual fee of 3,500 Euros, student-athletes can count on the assistance of a university tutor to best reconcile the study path with the commitments.


College sportivo del canottaggio Cus Pavia

Every year, the Italian Rowing Federation publishes the information necessary for submitting applications for admission through a special federal circular. A joint commission with representatives of the Federation, the EDiSU and the CUS Pavia proceeds with the selection of candidates based on the sporting results achieved in the last two seasons, the high school grade or the CFU earned in the last academic year.

The agreement provides that up to a maximum of 6 high-level athletes chosen by the Federal Technical Direction are admitted. For all athletes, the CUS Pavia contributes to the payment of the annual fee with 1,500 Euros, while the FIC provides for the payment of the remaining part.

In the academic year 2021 – 2022 the following were admitted to the Remiero College: Francesco Molinari, Tommaso Molinari, Alessandro Pozzi e Simone Mantegazza.


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