Membership of CUS Pavia is valid for the entire sporting year – from 01/09/2022 to 31/08/2023 – it is a task must be carried out only once in the same sporting year, even if you enroll in more courses or activities .

The insurance coverage is activated from the day following the acceptance of the membership application.

During the same sporting season it is not possible:

  • to switch from one activity to another while maintaining the participation fee for the first activity
  • in the absence of serious and proven reasons beyond the member’s control, to obtain a refund of the participation fee.
    Refund requests must be sent to the secretariat within 60 days from the start date of the activity, indicating the reason why the member does not intend to continue. In any case, the maximum refundable amount will not exceed 2/3 of the participation fee for the activity or course.


In order to take part in the activities organized by the CUS, a medical certificate of fitness for non-competitive sports (issued by the general practitioner) or competitive (issued by an authorized center) is mandatory. Children under the age of seven are exempt.

There is an agreement with the Medicina dello Sport – Via Enrico Magenes – Pavia which allows all CUS members or aspiring members to carry out a medical examination complete with spirometry and electrocardiogram at rest and under effort for € 40.00 (the certification is not valid for competitive practice). Reservations can be made directly at the Center or by calling 0382.986088 e.mail:
Dr. Anna Mattarozzi makes a medical examination complete with electrocardiogram at rest at a cost of € 30.00 (the certification is not valid for competitive practice) by appointment at the PalaCUS office (via Bassi 11/13). Reservations can be made at the CUS Pavia Secretariat or by calling 0382.422134 or by e-mail:


Due to the ongoing health emergency, we ask users to use the online procedure and avoid going to the secretariat if possible. Otherwise, please fill in the forms below in advance.


Monday from 9.30 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 17.00
Tuesday and Thursday from 14.30 to 17.00
Wednesday from 11.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 19.00
Friday from 9.30 to 12.00


  • application for membership of adults
  • application for minors membership
  • membership fee of € 30.00;
  • medical certificate for non-competitive sporting activity or fitness for competitive practice (valid for at least 30 days from the date of presentation – children between the ages of 0 and 7 are exempt);
    participation fee for the chosen course or activity.

PAYMENT THROUGH SDD with debit on bank account
For all annual courses there is the possibility of dividing the fee into 3 payments, through SDD with direct debit on bank account. The first installment must be paid to the secretariat where the SDD debit form must be filled in for the subsequent installments (the IBAN code is required). In any case, registration is intended for the entire course, therefore it is not possible to revoke the mandate for payment. Payment in installments is NOT possible through the online payment forms. The two remaining installments (with collection 12/12/2022 and 13/02/2023) will have a supplement of € 5.00.
Example € 300.00 participation fee + € 30.00 membership: 1st installment € 30.00 + € 100.00 at the counter, 2nd installment SDD collection on 12/12/2022 € 105.00, 3rd installment SDD collection on 13/02/2023 € 105.00.

WITH THE ONLINE MEMBERSHIP: from computer, smartphone or tablet with payment by credit card.

Access the online membership page and open your account by following the indications that will be proposed to you. Then from your account you must proceed with the registration for the current sporting year. If you have already registered with CUS Pavia in the two previous sporting years, your personal data sheet will appear, which you can update or complete with the missing data. Also for the online procedure you must have a valid medical certificate, as the system will ask you to enter the expiration date. If you are registering a child under the age of seven (exempt from medical examination) in the medical examination due date field, enter the date on which the child will turn seven years old.

At the same time as the registration you must send your medical certificate to the CUS secretariat by sending it as an attachment to, delivering it directly to the secretariat counter or uploading it to the reserved area. Then with your credit card make the payment of the membership fee of 30.00 Euro and print your receipt.
The system recognizes you through the email address, so if to create the account you use a different address from the one indicated in the previous registrations, send a message from the email address you use for the new account to with indicate your surname, name, date, and place of birth. Within the following 48 hours, the new address will be associated ex officio.

After registering (or if you are already registered) you can register for a course or an activity: back in your account, select register for a Course / subscription / activity, then choose the course or activity you wish to register for and proceed according to the indications. After completing the payment, remember to print the receipt.

Remember to memorize the access data to your account: in fact, through your account page you will be able to check all the operations you have carried out in the current sporting year, reprint the receipts or update your personal data sheet.

All bank transactions are encrypted, and your data can only be read by the banking system. The CUS Pavia only receives the notification of payment.

Before payment, the online registration procedure can be interrupted at any time without any registration taking place.

Online registration cannot be used for:

  • discounted enrollments based on agreements with other entities;
  • the enrollments of students of the degree course in Motor Sciences of the University of Pavia;
  • registrations via SDD with debit on current account

By using this service, the CUS Pavia is implicitly authorized to process personal data as required by law 675/1996

The registration of underage athletes and the relative registration to the activities must be carried out by a parent or an adult family member. It is therefore essential that the parent (or adult family member) creates their own account, even if they do not intend to register with the CUS, where they will find the names of the minors associated with them. The system recognizes minors through the email address, therefore if in the two previous sporting years the minor has already been registered with the CUS and does not appear in the account, send a message to from the email address to which you want the minor to be associated indicating surname, name, date, and place of birth of the minor, in addition to the name and surname of the adult who opened the account. Within the following 48 hours the minor will be associated ex officio.