College Federale della Pagaia (canoe)

The College Federale della Pagaia (Federal Paddle College) di Pavia was inaugurated in the 2005/2006 academic year. Thanks to the agreement between the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation, the University of Pavia, the EDiSU and the CUS Pavia, athletes who practice the discipline at a high level are allowed to start or continue their university studies without renouncing top-level competition.

The students are housed at the EDiSU Gerolamo Cardano College in Viale Resistenza 15, and train at the CUS Pavia nautical headquarters, Il Capannone dei Campioni, located along the Ticino river, in via Don Boschetti 1.

The convention, recently renewed, provides that a maximum of 10 athletes can use the College Federale della Pagaia. In addition to hospitality in the college and the possibility of using the affiliated university canteens upon payment of an annual fee of 3,500 Euros, student-athletes can count on the assistance of a university tutor to best reconcile the study path with their sport commitments.

Financial support is provided from FICK to / or from CUS Pavia for those athletes who achieve sporting results of particular value and successfully carry out university studies.

The information necessary for submitting applications for admission is indicated in federal circular no. 67/22. A joint commission with representatives of the Federation, the EDiSU and the CUS Pavia proceeds with the selection of candidates based on the sporting results achieved in the last two seasons, the high school grade or the CFU earned in the last academic year.

The agreement provides that those admitted are divided into two levels: the first are admitted athletes already permanently included in the Senior National Teams or Under 23 of one of the Olympic specialties, the second are admitted athletes already included in the Senior National Teams or Under 23 of a of non-Olympic specialties and by athletes who competing in youth national teams have shown potential for obtaining excellent results. In the academic year 2021 – 2022,

Students of the College Federale della Pagaia are: Giacomo Abbiati, Andrea Bernardi, Francesco Ciotoli, Giacomo Combi, Michele Ibba, Tommaso Mapelli, Giulia Formenton, Elena Ricchiero, Mathilde Rosa and Roberto Soldi